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Later Thursday

9pm to midnight*

Later Thursday is intended for guys that like to start the weekend early and New Yorkers who tend to look for action later in the evening.

So, after you've had dinner, maybe a drink with a friend or coworkers, or after you've had a nap and you're feeling horny, don't reach for your phone to find some action. Just come down to Later Thursday to meet up with guys and fool around.

For address, sign up below ⇩

Later Thursday immediately follows Blow Buddies (6-9pm), so don't be afraid to wander in a few minutes early as there is no pause between parties. At Later Thursday fucking and assplay are allowed, but if you come early please be respectful of Blow Buddies' blow job-only rule.

Our secure clothes check is manned throughout the party. Condoms, lube and clean-up supplies provided.

DRESS CODE: Underwear or less with some type of footwear on your feet.

$30, cash only.


If you entered during Blow Buddies you do not have to pay again to stay through midnight.

* We wrap up when there is one guy remaining or at midnight, whichever happens first.

Hope to see you Thursday! To get the address and stay updated on this time slot, join the list below.

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